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What is the Value Proposition?


In 2014, the US Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) approached SPE regarding a proposed collaboration opportunity to develop a voluntary industrywide near miss data sharing framework. The goal of this data sharing framework was envisioned as a resource to enhance the industry's ability to capture and share key learnings from significant events, including near misses, with the objective of identifying and mitigating potential high-consequence risks. In the spirit of continuous improvement, related objectives is to bring government and industry together to make a safe industry safer through open data sharing, to enhance public confidence in the industry, and to ensure that every offshore worker returns home safely.

Although a basic framework exists within SafeOCS, BSEE invited E&P industry help to identify value-added data categories, to overcome information sharing obstacles and to address concerns raised in a variety of industry reports. While the scope of this collaboration initially focused on near misses, the desired outcome related to ensuring safe performance and appropriate risk management supports the need to increase the scope to include a broader range of data that have learning value to help the industry to achieve improved safety performance. To realize the optimum benefits from an industrywide framework, all organizations associated with offshore E&P operations (operators, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers/OEMs) and/or regulatory agencies are encouraged to submit data voluntarily.

Further, additional value is seen in extending the influence and benefits of an industrywide safety data management framework beyond the US OCS to align with other systems and requirements globally, with an overarching goal to avoid creating an additional layer of reporting expectations over and above the current requirements by regulators and industry associations.

Value Proposition

The value proposition associated with the continual improvement in safety performance is the implementation of the learnings shared from incidents and events that occur in an industry. This is particularly important for major hazards and associated prevention/mitigation barriers. Key aspects of this effort include:

  • provides a solution for a central repository for collection, collaboration, and sharing of learnings of safety-related data,
  • identifies the type of data that will provide valuable information,
  • gains alignment on incident and indicator definitions,
  • utilizes a secure process for collection and analysis of the data,
  • implements a robust methodology for identifying systemic issues,
  • disseminates the results to stakeholders who can then take actions to reduce or eliminate the risk of recurrence through greater barrier integrity,
  • provides opportunities for stakeholders to network and benchmark performance, both individually and as an organization, and
  • sets up a framework wherein adverse actions cannot legally be taken against data submitters nor can raw data be used for regulatory development purposes.

To progress the vision associated with development of an industry-wide SafeOCS safety data management framework, BSEE entered into an Interagency Agreement with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to develop and operate the system. As a statistical agency, BTS has considerable data collection and analysis expertise, and the statutory authority to protect the confidentiality of the reported information and the reporters. As such, BTS was designated as the desired repository to collect and analyze safety data reports submitted by individuals, companies, and others involved in OCS activities. Working with subject matter experts and representatives from participating companies, BTS will then aggregate and further analyze these reports to identify potential causal factors and trends. All data reviewers would be subject to non-disclosure requirements mandated by CIPSEA. The results of these aggregated analyses will be distributed by BTS through public reports, workshops, and other forms. Periodic industry workshops will then be scheduled by BSEE/industry to discuss the data analysis and trend results, as well as share ideas and process improvements for preventing recurrence.

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